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meet our newest addition!

I’m so excited to announce our latest addition! His name is Disco and he’s 2 years old. He’s a little bigger than Tater Tot. We’ve had him for 3 days now. He’s just a doll and so cute. We don’t know much about his history other than he came from a kill shelter in Texas, has been to the groomer where they shaved off his matted fur and landed in the amazing arms of Furfriends Rescue here in Oregon.

Furfriends Rescue has fosters that take care of the dogs until adopted. So, Disco has been with a foster family for about 5 weeks before we adopted him and made him ours!

He’s a good little fella overall. He’s been through a lot, you can tell. He’s very timid until you get to know him. Especially around males and runs the opposite direction. My husband is spending a lot of time on the floor trying to get him to warm up to trusting him.

I have no doubt they will be best buddies very soon.

Disco is half trained when it comes to potty training. He knows “lets go potty” and he knows how to go outside but I think he’s more comfortable going inside. LOL.

No sweat…sh*t happens. He’ll get it, he’s a smart guy!

We’ve got ourselves a cuddler - he’s half cuddling right now because he just needs his trust with us. I think he’s gonna be a snug-a-muffin and I’m hoping its with my hubby!

He’s met our other furries - Tater Tot and the cats. I think Tater is excited but we aren’t sure yet. Tater Tot is a pleaser so he’ll often take the backseat to an addition on his own and quietly.

The cats…well, they are giving off the “fearful” vibe so he’s enjoying chasing him. One swat from each and he’ll learn.

He’s not a big barker quite the opposite, he’s very quiet.

Loves walks and does well on a leash.

And oh-so food motivated. He’s learned that in his previous life!

All in all, this is gonna be fun. He’s going to be great for everyone and we are going to be great for him. We can’t see him come out of his shell and wag his tail, do zoomies and be a happy little dog.

- Disco's Mama


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