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About Alyson

Hi, I'm Alyson Whitney.
I am a passionate American artist who fell in love with design, while studying art in Italy. Today, I design and hand-craft celebratory pet urns.

My work is dedicated to my cat that was struck, and killed by a car one afternoon - right in front of me. He lost his life on April 11, 2004. I was devastated - my heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Cremated, he was return to me in a small black urn. The fragments of my heart that I had just begun to pick up and mend hand broken again. If you knew him, he was anything but dark and dull. He was full of life and a crazy cat. 

Desperate to put an end to the hurt, I painted his urn (my first) in tears but by the time I finished, I found closure and a smile returned to my face. There was a strange feeling of contentment in what I had created for both him and myself. 
My heart began to heal, and at that moment I knew I could help others ease the pain of grief and loss and find closure through my art. I quit my job a a successful creative director for a public company to pursue my quest to combine my passions: art and animals - and unknowingly, a third passion - returning smiles to peoples' faces.

As an animal lover and mommy to many furry munchkins, the circle of life is endless in my life. A loss is so very hard. Isnt' it? I totally understand and can help.

I'm not a healer nor therapist, by me lending an ear and listening to what clients have to say, I believe healing begins and ideas flourish for a special work of art. When clients receive their final piece and I hear how they smiled again, it warms my heart knowing I helped someone through on of the most difficult times of their life. That's an amazon feeling. 

Let me help you find meaningful closure and celebrate your pet's life.

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See How I Make People Smile

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