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Yes, by hand for Gods sake!

I just hired a Marketing Nomad by the name of Daniel. He and I are going to spread the Alyson Whitney Brand to the world together.

One of our meetings led to a convo about Customizing a Pillow.

I said, “oh yeah, we need to change the copy under customizing a pillow.”

Daniel said, “ok so what’s the process, do you digitally draw these?”

I almost vomited.

But instead, I said to him, “Yeah, no, absolutely not, (like in a disgusted way) they are all hand drawn. Allllll HAND DRAWNNN. No, there is no digitally drawing here.”

I’m sure he could see the steam coming out of my ears. I could feel it.

Daniel asked, “then why doesn’t it say that?", we should clarify the hand drawn aspect of them. It made a difference for me!”

This basic marketing 101 was right under my nose and I didn’t see it.

I thought everyone knows they are hand drawn.

Dually noted.

Here’s what I know about my process and you now know.

I love a good pen and paper.

The kind of pen that isnt too fat or thin and when it hits the paper it creates the smoothest lines.

The paper is vellum-like. It has a slight texture that captures the ink without a bleed. It’s my paper happy place and I don’t waste it. I treat this paper like gold.

2-3 cute, good resolution (hi-res) dog or cat photos to study their smiles and eyeliner.

Now it’s time to get out my Inktense Watercolor Pencils that smell of wood when I open the aluminum box and displays over 70 colors placed in rainbow order.

Just looking at the colors brightens your day.

I fill up my water brush pen with water, squeeze it a few times to wet the pen, pick a colored pencil and brush the tip of the pencil to grab some color. My brush hits the paper, drawing down the first curvy line of color. I see confetti!

And then I go into color fantasy world watching all the colors meet and blend with each other as I color the inked silhouette of someones pet.

The end.

P.S. It’s by hand for gods sake and peace out there to all the digital artists!



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