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When my pet pottery Met TIME Magazine

Once upon a time, I found myself gracing the pages of TIME Magazine. Back then, I was at the running of Chowtime Productions, a company specializing in ceramic pet bowls and treat jars. My passion for merging art and animals was the driving force behind my venture.

Starting with just a handful of designs, I painstakingly crafted and curated a collection of 12 unique pet bowls and matching treat jars. The entire process, from pouring the ceramics by hand to designing, painting, glazing, firing, and even handling shipping, was a labor of love.

Like any hopeful entrepreneur, I put all my eggs in the advertising basket of US Weekly Magazine. I thought, "This is it – a golden opportunity that will catapult my company to success. Orders will flood in!" But sadly, not a single order arrived. My ego took a hit, and the US Weekly magazine became a symbol of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and a valuable lesson.

Then, as fate would have it, a call came in from the editor-in-chief of TIME Magazine a month later. While vacationing in the Bahamas, she stumbled upon my ad in US Weekly. Intrigued, she reached out and requested to feature my bowls & trear jars in TIME Magazine's Holiday Hits section for their Holiday Gift Guide.

I was stunned – it felt like a dream! Could this really be happening? Of course, I said yes. And just like that, my creations were showcased in TIME Magazine in the fall of 2005. The impact was swift and immense. Phones rang incessantly, and my website crashed under the weight of orders. Between the second week of November and the second week of December, I received over 400 orders, all of which had to be fulfilled by Christmas.

It was a whirlwind of activity. I hired help left and right, transforming our workspace into a bustling elf studio. The entire experience was a blend of chaos and enchantment, a truly unforgettable time.

Though I've longed to bring back my pet bowls and treat jars, I knew I couldn't replicate the labor-intensive process I once undertook. However, I'm thrilled to reintroduce them with a fresh perspective. While I may not be hand-pouring ceramics or juggling octopus-like tasks anymore, I'm excited to present a revamped line of bowls and (soon) treat jars.

I can't wait to share these revived creations with you once again!


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