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I can see our Beagle’s Heaven so clearly.

My husband and I are with our dog, Tater Tot, at Salishan Lodge in Gleneden Beach. It’s our first beach trip since Hashbrown, our Beagle, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Hashbrown loved the beach. We loved watching her at the beach.

She was a hoot. Some of my favorite mannerisms and memories of her are walking sideways in the sand and her ears flopping in the wind. She loved the beach deeper than any other dog. From the first time we brought her to the beach she grasped the peace it provides all of us really well. This was her peacemaker, ok, and finding tidbits of crab.

We followed a trail that led to a sand dune. As we walked over the sand dune, I said to my husband, “Oh Hashbrown would be in Heaven.” It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. No wind. So clear and mild. Another words a gem on the Oregon Coast in November.

As I reached down to let Tater Tot off his leash, I felt Hashbrown. She was right by my side.

I could feel her presence as we walked the beach. I looked down to where she would be and I said to her, "stay here and let me see you gallop then stop and smell the air while your floppy ears ride the wind!"

I believe the beach was her favorite place on earth. So, saying “Oh Hashbrown would be in Heaven” is right. Her heaven is definitely the beach. No wonder I felt her presence so greatly.

Hashbrown, if you're listening, thank you for letting me know this is what your heaven looks like - now I know, it will be the primary focus or your Custom Dog Urn.

- AW


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